Crowdfunding Platform That Offer Financial Freedom Is Patricia's Pick of the Month - November

As crypto and stocks have continued to see witness several false starts to the much awaited bull runs investors across the world are anticipating on their toes, the

Internet and Social media has become littered with alternate "platforms" with various methods of offering investors ways of earning profits, from mirror trading, to rollover referral contracts, mining, to flat out scams. 

So how does one choose the right product?

Well often it's difficult but one that has quickly become my favorite is Team Fund Pro. This web based crowdfunding style platform has only been on the scene for weeks so is still relatively unknown but has some features that make it revolutionary among all the rest. 

The platform itself is a 2 by 6 matrix with $8500 up for grabs for completion. The entry is one of the most affordable at only $3, or 49 trx coin at the time of writing this article.
First, one of the first things network marketers are generally asked when sharing any platform is about withdrawal. With a team Fund Pro it's simple. Utilizing API keys established free through, payments are instant upon the point of sell so there's no waiting. When you land a new member of your team, you get the instant gratification of the deposit of your 100% commission direct to your crypto wallet.

As far as team building, it's a breeze with Team Fund Pro. Spillovers roll with ease in this program and as long as all of your members select to update to the next level when eligible, the line will continue unbroken as long as every member on your team continues to refer 2 friends, which even the most relaxed marketer can do with ease.

And for those who lone non working plans, with 100% Commissions, simply pay for your 2 friends to join as your referrals, and on refund of the $6 you used to fund them you really will only be out the $4 to upgrade to level 2 that would have been paid for by the profits you had made if you had worked and found the referrals. 

That's right, for $7 you can make this program completely non working by hiring 2 people to continue the line for you. And who is going to turn down a free account?
The only downside from this platform that we notice is the requirement to manually upgrade to the next level. If you forget to upgrade and your downline members upgrade before you, you may have to wait longer to catch up in profits where as in an auto upgrade system there is less possibility of missing a spillover credit.

 Professional networkers however generally know exactly how their line is going and will be quick to know based on their deposits and on team communications when it is time to go in to manually upgrade to the next level.
So for price, for speed of profit, for ease of work, for value of reward, for function and revolutionary new features, my Pick of the Month is Team Fund Pro.

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  1. I made $30 on day one with this platform. Thanks
    The secret is just make sure to get 2 referrals and always manually upgrade when your profits cover the next level. If you tell your downline the same, you can seriously make $30 to $100 daily on this. I couldn't believe it but seeing it here made me decide to try it. It's real. Nothing Better. And I made a lot on Forsage and Force but Lado has nothing on this.

  2. Definitely the next Meta Force!

  3. This is the best crowdsourcing utility I've ever used. 2 referrals and the money just pours in. Setup was a bit tricky though. I found a good group though that walks you step by step through the process with screenshots.

    Just make sure not to send your referrals here until after they register or the creator will get your referral credit.