Simple Way's to Master Crypto Trading

Nowadays a lot of people want to multiply their money using crypto but don't know how to go about it.

While it is possible to 10x 20x or even 100x Your Money using crypto it is also very easy to loose all your money if you go into it without having the requisite knowledge.
The good thing here is that we are beginning understand the potential of crypto.
By the time you finish reading through this post as a newbie, you would have learnt the basics of crypto and be able to carry out various transactions using an exchange platform.

You may be thinking you are already late to the crypto party but the truth is you are still way early. What you should invest in right now is the right crypto knowledge.
It is for this reason that i have created this post to help others shorten their learning curve.

If this seems like something you are interested in then grab a seat. To begin with, here are a few crypto acronyms you should know.
1. FOMO : Fear of missing out
2. HODL: Hold On for Dear Life
3. FUD: (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)
4. BTFD (Buy The F-ing Dip)
5. WHALE (These are individuals that own a significant amount of a cryptocurrency )
There are a whole lot more, but these are the commonly used ones.

Crypto Exchanges. These are basically marketplaces where you can buy, sell, HODL, trade , exchange etc your coins or currencies.
There are two broad categories of crypto exchanges.
1. Centralized exchanges
2. Decentralized exchanges
Centralized Exchanges: As the name implies, they have a centralized database of all the customers carrying out transactions.
KYC is required.
Transaction fees are very low
The most popular Centralized exchange is BINANCE.
We will be sticking with BINANCE AND KUCOIN (centralized exchange)For the purposes of this thread.
So, go to your play store rightaway and download these apps, even if you don't feel like registering immediately just download them right away.
For Decentralized exchanges, you interact directly with the blockchain. You do not have to login, there is no KYC or centralized database of customers.
Transaction fees can be high.

Examples of decentralized exchanges includes
Uniswap, Pancakeswap etc.
All you need to get started on a decentralized exchange is a crypto wallet.
Go to playstore, download Trustwallet for Android or Token pocket for IOS.
Create a wallet and keep your seed phrase safe.  After downloading the Binance app, the next step is to register
So go to the Binance app homepage and click Register in the top right corner.
Use an email address, preferably a new one or use your existing mobile phone number.

Choose a strong password (combination of uppercase and lower case letters and numbers )
Agree to binance terms of service and then click on Create Account.
once you click on create account a code will be sent to your email or phone number depending on the one you used. Once you have put in the code that was sent you, you will be redirected to the binance home page.
Congrats your account has been created .

Next step: Account Verification & Autentication

Just so you know; here are the requirements for the account verification and Authentication phase.
1. Google authenticator app( down load it if you don't have it already on your phone)
2. Your personal info such as i.d card, BVN and your personal photograph which would be taken with your phone camera for direct upload.
The process is not difficult Just follow the prompt step by step.
Better still use a PC for this phase.
Once completed you are now eligible to buy sell trade etc on the platform.

How To Buy Coins bitcoins and other alt coins.
Altcoins are simply other coins launched after seeing the success of Bitcoin
Let me quickly say here that there are 3major ways to making money from cryto
1. Day Trading: This simply means trading positions based on price volatility.
(Not advisable for newbees)
2. Investing (Long term holds) Imaging buying BNB now at $500 and holding it for the next 3 to 5 years when the price would have risen to 2000 or $3000 .
PS. Buy BNB now, it is still cheap, price is going to the moon
3. The third way is ... Investing ( Short term, buying low and selling high within few weeks, months). 

Imagine buying bitcoin last year December at 28, 000 and selling at 45,000 this year. Good right?
There are other ways like staking, farming, mining etc but the above are the most common ways. Will be updating the post from time to time good luck.

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